A New Energy Option 

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Marine Power Products (MPP) has developed significant energy technology which converts low temperature heat and water into fuel. We have proved an approach to splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen gases with waste heat. Heat wasted at power plants, both fossil-fired and renewable, can be made into very cost-effective hydrogen. Hydrogen can be used as a clean fuel for cars, electricity, convert toxic emissions into commodities and Carbon Dioxide into gasoline. Our technology offers an extremely attractive solution to cleaning up our environment and cutting our fossil fuel needs. 
"Active Ion Displacement" (AID)

We call this technology Active Ion Displacement or AID. The chemical agents in the AID process are reused and do not create a need for substantial waste handling and disposal. Hydrogen from the AID process can be readily converted into liquid fuels that substitute for petroleum. 

We seek unrestricted grant support from world governments with renewable energy pilot programs who want to advance their nation's energy security and economy.  

We plan to build, test and demonstrate our AID pilot plant near the end of 2015. On commercialization, we plan to meter fuel to those nations synthetic fuels production, power plants and chemical companies.